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The roof over your head is a crown of your house. Keeping it well maintained will keep your belonging safe and your house looking its best. 


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Emergency Roofing Services.

Whether you’ve inherited an old roof that hasn’t been maintained, or a heavy rainstorm has done a number on your roof this year, all good roofs need repairs from time to time. 

No matter the type of roof repair you need, it is critical that you address repairs as soon as you notice them. Neglecting minor issues like roof leak repairs, can lead to major problems in the future. 

As with all of our professional services, Reliable Roofing will evaluate your roofing problem for FREE before giving you our suggestions and estimated cost. 

We always propose the most cost effective method that will also keep your home safe and dry in the long term. No paying for anything you don’t need, and no worrying about a job half done.

Removing snow from your roof is something that most people don’t think about.

Even though snow may feel light, it can very quickly build up and become heavy. The weight of the snow can cause your home’s structure to shift, or even cause your roof to collapse.

Excess snow build up can also result in ice damming, which is when a ridge of ice forms at the edge of the roof and prevents melting snow from properly draining. Ice damming can lead to a leaking roof and damage to the roof, walls, and insulation of your home.

Our staff is fully trained and insured, allowing you to feel at ease.

Whether your roof is old, damaged, or just not your style, our trusted professionals are the roof installation experts of choice in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

We understand that a roof installation cost or a roof replacement cost is a concern for our customers. 

We want to assure you that when you call Reliable Roofing, the investment you make for your home will be quality work and that your roof replacement will last for decades to come. 


When looking for a skilled carpenter in Fredericton, you need to look no further. We consistently provide the best customer service, expertise and knowledge that clients are looking for.

We are chosen because we only use the best products, the most skilled workers and are able to efficiently finish projects on your targeted timeline.

  • Frame walls
  • Put in doors, windows and stairs
  • Install all bathroom and kitchen cabinetry
  • Install crown molding, baseboards and wainscoting
  • Install base flooring
  • Finishing Carpentry

How do you know when you need roof repairs or a roof replacement? Do you have a maintenance schedule that allows you to maximize the value of your roof?  Will the way you are managing your roofing system allow you to use it beyond its designed life cycle?

Without critical industry knowledge, maintaining a roof and managing its value is a major challenge. It can be so difficult to know what steps to take, how much money to set aside, and what outcomes to expect without an expert roof inspection.

We provide condition reports and roof inspection services to property owners who want to make the maintenance and purchasing decisions that will lower their roof cost.

We conduct roof inspection for construction projects and evaluate existing or planned roofs to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients.


What Clients Say About Us.

“A shout out to a great local company! These guys are awesome. Prompt, super reliable and professional."

Chris Boulter

Home Owner

"We had Reliable Roofing replace our roof this week and they did an amazing job! Coty and his crew were professional, trustworthy and diligent! We will definitely be recommending them to our friends and family."

Heather Henderson

Home Owner

Reliable roofing replaced our roof and we are so impressed with how diligent they were with their work and clean up. Coty was extremely knowledgeable through the whole process and we are so grateful. The roof looks amazing! Would highly recommend!

Katie McMullin

Home Owner

"If you need a roof done, don't hesitate to reach out to this proactive crew! I personally recommend their work!"

Lindsey Coughlan

Home Owner